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It is a long pulse ND-Yag Laser (1064 nm) which is very safe and US-FDA Approved.

Skin Penetration of the laser is deep and shows good effect on fine and deeper hair.

Every sitting gives roughly 30% permanent reduction of hair which is in active phase.

For good results, at least 4-6 sitting are required, which should be monthly.

Packages designed for the patients are economical and cost-effective.



Removal of Warts/skin tags is done by radiofrequency cautery which is painless and does not leave any ugly scar.


Melasma/Chemical Peeling:

Melasma means hyper pigmentation of certain areas of body especially face (usually post pregnancy or in sensitive skin). it is a hyper-responsiveness of skin to UV light present in the sun rays. it is best managed by chemical peeling which is individualized according to patient skin type. It has very good cosmetic results.



Now forget about wrinkles on face. Dermaroller therapy is noninvasive and safe. It gives very good cosmetic results and is cost effective. Procedure takes hardly 15-20 minutes. Its results are comparable to costly procedures being done by laser.


Vitiligo surgery:

There is now a new procedure for leucoderma patients especially for small patches on face and hands, Blister Grafting is being done which has very good cosmetic results.

A blister is made from a donor site and the epidermal skin is transplanted to the vitiligo area. It is a scar-less procedure.



Dermaroller is the gold standard procedure meant for shallow acne scars and facial pits. It is cost effective and gives 50% scar reduction.


Warts Management:

Radiofrequency cautery gives very good results with early healing. It is done for warts (corns) present in hand/feet.


In growing toe-nail:

Nail excision is done under local anesthesia and is painless.


Ear lobe repair and Ear Piercing:

Ear Piercing is done with automatic gun. Gold Plated Hypoallergenic studs are used. No anesthesia is needed.


Botox therapy and fillers:

Now fine wrinkles on face can be managed by injections of Botox/Neuronox. Deep wrinkles can be managed by filler.



All Female sexual diseases are managed like white discharge, venereal diseases(STD s), Frigidity (loss of interest in sex), Painful Sex, White Discharge, Decreased Sex Drive etc.

Male Sexual problems like Impotency, Premature Ejaculation, Night Fall, Sexual Weakness, Decreased Sperm Count, Decreased Libido etc. Proper counseling is being done.